St. Joseph's Convent School PhagwaraSt. Joseph's Convent School Phagwara

Rules and Regulations

Every student should bring the school diary daily. Any information, request is conveyed to the Parents/guardians through the diary by the Principal/Teachers. If the parents/guardians are asked to meet the Principal/Teachers, they must do it without fail.

Students are expected to reach the school campus at least five minutes before the first bell for morning assembly. Those who are late must obtain permission from the concerned person in charge, who makes entries in the diaries of late comers before entering the school campus. After making marking three consecutive late arrival entries in the diary, an amount of Rs. 20/- will be charged as fine for every subsequent late arrival from the late comer.

The warning bell before the assembly begins is a signal for students to go to their respective classrooms in perfect silence.

All pupils are expected to be present for the assembly during which they pray together and no one is to stay in the class room without obtaining prior permission.

The attendance roll will be taken at the beginning of the two sessions.

No student shall be allowed to go out or to be taken out of the school compound without obtaining the 'out pass' from the Principal. The out pass shall not be issued unless the Principal is satisfied with the genuineness of the matter and authenticity of the accompanying person.

Personal Cleanliness and grooming is expected of every student. The school uniform must be clean, well pressed and complete without any type of decorations. Students coming to the school with untidy dress, hair etc. will be fined and if not corrected will be asked to bring their parents to explain the reason.

During the recess pupils are expected to leave the classrooms.

The Principal has the right to confiscate books, newspapers, periodicals, mobile phones and any other items which may be considered objectionable.

The academic session of the school will be from March-Feb. The medium of instruction and expression is English within the school campus. Punjabi, the mother tongue is taught form from L.K.G. and Hindi, the national language from U.K.G. All students must speak English within the school Campus.

Money should not be lent or borrowed or articles exchanged between the students.

No collection of money for any purpose whatsoever is to be started resorted and no meeting, demonstration, party or picnic may be held without prior sanction of the Principal.

Presents to the members of the staff or other demonstration in their honour also require prior sanction.