St. Joseph's Convent School PhagwaraSt. Joseph's Convent School Phagwara

Aims and Objectives

It is a Co-education school open to students of all castes and creeds and holds up to them the motto:"SCIRE, AMARE ET SERVIRE" (TO LEARAN, TO LOVE AND TO SERVE). Although it is a Christian (Catholic Church) Minority School, every student is encouraged and entitled to practice his/her own religion. Knowledge and subsequent love for fellow beings should culminate in self-less service to all which is in our tradition is real KARMA YOGA. Every efforts is made to impart a sound and all-round quality education to the children in keeping with the Nation's aspirations for the twenty first century.

The education methodology used by St.Joseph's Convent School, Phagwara is student friendly. It and encourages, them to be analytical, creative and independent in thinking. Our education methodology also assists the students in developing value based and holistic perspectives, all round developments, positive thinking and attitude besides enabling them to a sound domain of knowledge and practical application of it. This institution has evolved over the time a comprehensive student oriented learning approach containing manifold stages intended to add important-values to the student's comprehension.

The staff and the management of St. Joseph's Convent School, Phagwara, like all others reputed Christian convent schools, unceasingly strive to provide value based international quality education not only to meet but We also strive to compete and excel global standards for all round development of the child's personality.

Our Teachers as who are guides and facilitators also, are unceasingly exploring the unfathomable labyrinth of every child's mind and help him/her to bring out what is the best in him/her in accordance with the student's penchants in the changing paradigms.

Also being fully aware of the rapid growth and diversification of knowledge and imperatives of globalization, the school keeps itself abreast with the latest methodology in imparting knowledge.

All students are encouraged and helped to develop analytical and problem solving abilities and innovative skills pertinent in the changing society. We believe in the dictum that the best way of learning is by doing. Independent studies and project-works enable the students towards this end.

Special emphasis is given regarding laid towards conscientising sensitizing and creating awareness of religious and traditional values of truthfulness, honesty, simplicity, sacrifice, self-discipline, politeness, punctuality, communal harmony etc. Every child of this institution is taught to become architects and masters of his or her own destiny.